A personal message from Cristina Castro

Dear Kane County Resident:
The challenges to our environment because of climate change have never been greater.
That’s why I fought hard in the state senate to pass the most comprehensive renewable energy legislation in Illinois history and I’m proud of that success.
But I’m writing you to tell you about another outstanding environmental advocate – Chris Kious.
Chris Kious is running for re-election to the Kane County Board and if preserving and expanding green, open space is important to you, Chris Kious has earned your thanks and support.
Chris has worked tirelessly to protect, restore and expand county woodlands, natural prairies, wetlands and hiking trails.
He also sponsored the county’s ‘Green Building Policy’ and was chief advocate for Solar Farms – an initiative that cuts hazardous emissions and saves county taxpayers $5 million in the process.
On November 8th, do something to protect and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy in Kane County. Re-elect Chris Kious to the Kane County Board.
Cristina Castro

Reelect Chris Kious for Kane County

Kious speaks out for northern Kane Co.

He calls for no toll on Longmeadow and safe Forest Preserves!

Kious works to generate new revenue

  • $17.5 million to pay off bond for Longmeadow
  • Savings from Forest Preserve restructure
  • Savings from Building Management restructure
  • $5 million saved with Judicial Solar Field
  • Supported collecting funds from cannabis sales
  • Initiated a green building policy for new county buildings to save on future energy costs

Kious opposes wasteful tax and spending

Reelect Chris Kious

For Kane County Board District 23

Count on Kious – He Gets It Done!

He fights the toll on Longmeadow resulting in $17.5m to reduce or eliminate the toll.

As president of the forest preserve, he initiated the parking lot expansion at raceway.

He works for a green Kane County. He sponsored the county’s green building policy.

He is a chief supporter of the solar farm that will save the county $5m!